Friendship Benefits

By Jackie Gable

Have you ever thought seriously about how important friends are to you and how greatly they impact your life? There is so much more to friends than liking the same styles or foods, playing the same sports, or even being the same age.

In the Bible there are many examples of great, Christ-centered friendships, as well as others who were more explosive than an atomic bomb. So, what makes a friendship work and who should you really be friends with? As you’ve probably gathered from some of my previous articles, I believe that friendship can evolve between girls and girls, as well as between girls and guys. The Bible does give answers for having good friendships, no matter what gender.

First, Biblical friendships are physical. Now don’t get nervous; I don’t mean physical touch, but I do mean that good friendships need personal one-on-one time to develop. A person you only text, chat, or Facebook is not a friend. It takes physically spending time with them to understand who they are and what their needs are.

Second, Biblical friendships (specially for a believer) involves godly activities. If all you do is watch movies together, play sports, or gossip, your friendship is shallow and not pleasing to the Lord. However, especially as a single person, spending time together serving the Lord, praying, and fulfilling church ministries is an outstanding way to develop a great, life-long friendship.

Lastly, Biblical friendships do have a purpose. Think for a second: “Why do I have friends? What has changed in me since we’ve been friends? Am I their friend because it makes me fit in more?” In evaluating your friendship, ponder the list below on what godly friendships should do in your life (whether it be with another young lady or even a young man in your church):

1.    To encourage you to be more like Christ & keeps Him first in all things

2.    To help you learn how to guard your heart

3.    To help you evaluate your life and make improvements (not just spiritually)

4.    To help you grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially

5.    To learn how to love others selflessly

6.     To prepare you for your future

Our friendships have such a great influence in our lives! If you choose to be friends with a negative person, you will be negative; or a gossip, you will find yourself gossiping. Likewise, if you walk with wise people, you shall be wise! When it comes to friendships, listen to the wisdom of Solomon how he advises to “Keep [guard] thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”


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