Dropping Leaves

2 Corinthians 3:2 – “Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men.”

Dropping Leaves
By Nina Rose Hall

I stood in the midst of a forest,

Its many trees rose toward the sky.

I wondered what kind each tree could be.

Beginning to search for sign,

A single leaf fluttered quietly down

And landed to rest at my feet.

With just a glance, a moment’s gaze,

I knew what its nature would be.

The leaf, so firm and green proclaimed

Just what this tree would do,

And all its leaves would testify:

“This tree is strong and true.”

Another leaf went swirling past,

And curious of its source,

I couldn’t help but see its texture –

Rough, and dry, and coarse.

It spoke to me of branches

that were dying, drained of life;

– Neglected in its care –

This open evidence was rife.

Then as the whispering wind swelled all the more;

These forest secrets littered the ground.

Each revealed something to all –

The nature of their roots to resound.

One by one fell the messages,

Notes so plainly read.

Some were kind, and pure, and selfless;

Some to joy and goodness led.

Others spoke of pride, and selfishness,

Laziness, or greed.

These clues, unknowingly unveiled

To all, each tree’s true need.

Then the winds turned south their course

And blew hard from behind me.

All at once I peered down through

My frail branches, timidly.

Carried away in whirling gusts,

My leaves flew through the forest.

Dropping hints, to all around

The state in which my heart rests.

Grappling to stop it all,

The leaves still eluded my grasp.

My life, in bits and pieces,

Had swiftly been broadcast.

Then peering closer at the clues

I’d examined well before,

I saw that some of them were mine

That lined the forest floor.

And the realization grew in me

That each of us drops leaves,

Ours are read by those we know,

And in turn, theirs, we perceive.

Alertly read the actions, words

And attitudes left by others.

But also know that yours will fall

and surely be discovered.


Matthew 7:20 –

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”


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