Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen

By Allison Hammett

In several past articles, we’ve addressed the dangers of pesticides, how to read organic labels and the benefits of purchasing locally. Very few, if any of us, can afford to purchase everything organic, so you may be sitting back and wondering what are the most important areas to focus on.

The Environmental Working Group has analyzed the pesticides on fifty fruits and vegetables and rated them from best to worst. This list has been split into two smaller lists known as the “Dirty Dozen” (those that would be best when organically grown) and the “Clean Fifteen” (those which are not as important to buy organic).

While you can view the whole list on their site, they offer a free download of these two shorter lists so that you can carry them with you. I trust that these lists will help you shop more wisely, reduce your exposure to pesticides and encourage you to better health!


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