Who Is the One?

Who is the One?
by Nina Rose Hall

Who was the shelter we ran to in fear?

Who, with her gentle hands, comforted our tears?

Who was the teacher, who prepared us for life?

Who heard the conflicts, and calmed sibling strife?

Who was our instructor, dividing right from wrong?

Who shared our joys and sorrows, encouraging us on?

Who cleaned our dwelling, and prepared each meal?

Who took us shopping, and found every deal?

Who read the Bible, to us help know God?

Who, when we were naughty, corrected with the rod?

Who loves her God above and who, for us, prays?

Who hugs and kisses us, shows care in so many ways?

Yes, this is Mother, whom I speak of.

Mothers are treasures from God up above.

If you have a Mother, that God’s blessed you with,

Take time to thank God for this precious gift.


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