About MaryLou Kolonyi

MaryLou came to know the Lord at the age of 22.  After going to church all her life and thinking that she was a good person…”surely good enough that God would accept her and take her to Heaven”…she was witnessed to by a friend, and came under sound Bible preaching. Through hearing and reading God’s word, she realized that her “good works” would not save her. A few months later she repented of her sin and put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting Him to take over her life. The Lord made many changes in her life and has always been faithful.
MaryLou has been blessed with a wonderful husband of 33 years, 3 children and two wonderful sons-in-law! She is happy and content in her occupation as a “homemaker” and  especially enjoys decorating, sewing, cooking, baking and gardening. Bonus perks and blessings of her job are her 7 grandchildren who she loves to spend time with. She feels blessed to have the gift and opportunity to be an influence in their lives.
MaryLou desires most of all to be faithful to the Lord and to trust Him each and every day.


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