About Katina Anderson

Some of Katina’s favorite hobbies are bargain shopping and couponing! She is excited to share good deals, fresh money-saving ideas, budgeting tips, and ways to use what you already have so you can best use your resources to further the gospel of Christ. She believes the first step to a healthy financial life begins with a grateful heart. American Christians are an extremely blessed people!

Katina is wife to Graeme, mom to Sophia, Elijah, Noah and Levi.You can read more about how the Lord changed her life here. When she gets a chance, she blogs about their family life at Cherish the Moment.


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  1. thanks for sharing all those tips Katina! I really like this online publication, Grace and Honor. what a wonderful idea. It has been so much fun and very encouraging reading the many different posts from various ladies.

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