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Is It Real To You?

In Onward and Upward by Elizabeth RoyLeave a Comment

Like a child letting go of her father’s hand while perched upon the balance beam, there is that exciting, fearful, anticipatory feeling knowing all must be well because my father stands so near, yet knowing that my feeble legs must take that first step, knowing all too well the paralyzing nature of fear.

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In Praise of Work

In Onward and Upward by Elizabeth Roy2 Comments

In this culture it seems that the goal of work is the rest that follows. The quest of the typical working soul seems to exert the least amount of energy to reach the point as quickly as he can to where he can cease from labor and begin to enjoy his day.

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A Chain of Scripture upon the Neck of Mother

In Onward and Upward by Elizabeth Roy1 Comment

The following was an exercise with which I challenged myself. In thinking of the subject of motherhood and the awesome task of raising souls, lent to me for just a short time by God, I wanted to link as many Scriptures together as would make a running commentary from God’s Word on the subject.