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One of the most impactful events of my life was over a spill.

My mom was near perfect. She was always kind. She was organized and our home was clean….So I knew better….

I was five. My aunt was watching me and I dropped my glass of grape juice. I KNEW the mess I had made. I knew it stained. My aunt began wiping me up and I protested, saying that I can wait; this stains!! My sweet aunt grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and firmly said “we take care of people first.” And the love that showed to my heart…that she considered me more important than her things. Me!

Fast forward to 25 years later and my own daughter dropped & shattered a glass of milk. In a flash, I turned on my heels : ready to speak harshly on carelessness….

And I saw my daughter’s head and shoulders slump.

Instantly, it all came flooding back to me. Praise the Lord, I went to my sweet girl. My tear clouded eyes looked HER in the eyes and said, “are YOU ok?” She meekly said, “I am sorry Mommy” and by His grace and in a shaky voice I said “oh honey it’s just milk. YOU are far more important than milk. “

Dr. Michelle Zarrillo

Joyfully serving her Saviour in her blessed position of wife and mother, Dr. Michelle Zarrillo has a unique perspective on health related issues. As a working chiropractor and an avid reader, she has many opportunities to practice that which she learns. Educating her children at home and discovering their special needs has further challenged her to examine the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual realms of the human nature. Her passion for healthier living and her quest for the Creator’s ways of healing keep her pressing forward in search of truth.

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