Hold All Things Lightly

In Apples of Gold by Nina Gaus1 Comment

I can’t believe it broke today –

The coffee pot we got in May;

Those towels I washed got caught and frayed,

It seems I bought them yesterday.


I thought we fixed that squeaky door –

That could have been two-thousand-four.

The neighbor’s cat, our carpet tore;

And our van needs maintenance once more.


And on could go the list of stuff

We owned and thought would be enough –

To last for years and serve us well,

But ’tis the story life will tell…


Don’t hold on tight to things below,

They’ll one day come, and one day go.

Don’t let your joy and peace depend

On what will break once and again.


Hold all things lightly in your grasp

This earth will fade, and forever pass;

Rest heart and hand in God alone,

Bound, free of earth’s grasp, for your eternal home.


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