Summer of Servitude

One definition of a blessing is giving people something for which they can feel thankful, something that makes them feel secure, supported, content, or encouraged.

One thing I’ve learned about being a mother (now of two) is that I must be a servant. I am a servant to my husband, toddler and little baby girl as well as a servant of the Lord in my church. No matter where I serve – job, home, church – I can honestly say being a servant has brought the most fulfillment to my life. Now, I haven’t always had a servant’s heart and those are the days I’m most miserable!

What a servant Jesus was on this earth! I recently read through the Gospels and the common theme I found of Jesus was that He was always serving God by serving others. He perfectly demonstrated the joy and peace that comes with heart-felt service.

When we say someone was a blessing, what we’re recognizing is that they are a servant. They give of their time, energy, talents, money just to make another feel secure, supported, content, encouraged and thankful. I’ve experienced this first hand recently. So many ladies have been a blessing to me since having my little girl – meals on wheels, gifts, gifts, and more gifts! Text messages, emails, and cards filled with loving words came to me at the perfect times. I feel so loved and encouraged and thankful for these ladies!

This “servant’s heart” does not come naturally. I always say the teen years are the toughest years in a person’s life – not a child, not an adult…just stuck in the middle! It’s a time of testing and preparation. Many of you will one day be wives and mothers. Now is the time to prepare and practice this life of servitude. It is your destiny! Plus every Christian should desire to be a servant. After all, that is what being a “follower of Christ” is all about.

This summer, how can you practically be a blessing or servant to those around you? What can you give that will make others thankful and feel encouraged? Many of you this summer will be blessed by someone else – gifts, camp, missions trip, etc. – how will you give back so that others can partake of the blessings you’ve received?

Purpose to make this summer all about others and less about yourself. Learn how to be a blessing to others expecting nothing in return. After all, it is Christ’s example and the most fulfilling life one can live.

“Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” -Matthew 20:28


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