Called By God?

There is a question that has been debated for years in theological circles. That is the question of whether the minister’s wife should feel a divine call from God. On one side you have those who say that unless the wife receives a special call from God, she will never be able to stand up under the stresses and strains of the ministry. Others say that if a woman is being led of the Lord to marry a minister, and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices cheerfully, and take on the many extra burdens of being married to a minister for the Lord’s sake, then she can consider that a leading into the Lord’s work.


Just Be You!

What does a “minister’s wife” look like? Well, they come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Some are tall, some are short, some are skinny, and some are more round. They also come in all varieties. Some are outgoing and boisterous, others are more reserved. Some are the life of the party, but others enjoy being more in the background. Some are out front leading the troops in the charge, while others work behind the scenes. Some like to wear their hair long; others prefer a more short variety. Some like to wear classy clothes; others tend to like the country look.


Heart to Heart – A New Column For Women in Ministry

Way back in September, when all the writers for the Grace and Honor met together, one of the topics of discussion was about new columns that we could start to make our publication more interesting and to appeal to more ladies. One that was suggested was a column for preacher and missionary wives, discussing different elements of life in the ministry. Our fearless editor laughingly remarked that I would be a good candidate to author that column, considering I was the oldest in the group and had the most experience in this area.