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A Bad Cup of Tea

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How do you make a good cup of tea? If you look on the internet, like I did, you will get all kinds of discrepancies. The bottom line—no one agrees on what makes a good cup of tea!

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Points on Prayer

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In my quiet time lately… I have been studying the prayers of Paul that he recorded in his epistles in the New Testament. These prayers have always intrigued me, and …

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Streams in the Desert – Beverly Hammett

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What an interesting two months it has been! The month of October was filled with visitors. We began the month by welcoming our oldest son and his family to Africa and celebrating a few days together in South Africa. Then we had the privilege of having Connie and Kristen Nadaskay with us for a week. About the middle of the month our oldest son and his family came here to visit with us and the Castners, so we had a fun time enjoying the grandkids and spending time together. It was sad to say goodbye to them and send them back to America, but we are so thankful to our home church for letting them come to visit.

Beverly Hammett – Streams in the Desert

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Greetings from sunny and hot Botswana! You would think that temperatures would be cooling down a bit, since we are now officially in the Fall season. But the last time I looked, it was over 90 degrees outside today. We did have some cooler weather last week, which was very enjoyable, but which also caused problems all its own (more about that in a minute).