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Do you have strength? Are you a pull-yourself-up-by-your-boot-straps kind of person? I use the term "I do it myself" after it was said that way many, many times by one of my toddlers years ago. This stubborn streak can be a blessing, however. To date, my own Little Miss I-do-it-myself is a huge help and a tireless worker, and I am so grateful for all she does.

Sometimes, though, we just can't. We can't do all we used to do, all we want to do, all we feel obligated to do...[fill in your own phrase here]

Does this make you Weak... Selfish... Undedicated... Unworthy... A used-to-be-Christian?

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.1 John 4:16

I understand that you KNOW God loves you, but do you BELIEVE it? That is different, isn't it?

So how would you talk to and feel about someone who can "only do" what you are doing? Would you look down on them? Of course not!!!

You love this person. They can't DO everything. I strongly suspect you care and appreciate them for who they are.

Can you make the application to yourself? Are you believing God loves you?


Now, I never support laziness. I am a do-it-myself girl, too. I have mentally had to accept what I can and cannot do. I take kitchen shortcuts and gauge my overextendedness (just pretend it's a word) on how many times I've ordered pizza, taken naps, and sometimes just thrown in the towel on a day. And if I confess this to others, it is not viewed harshly. Time and again, I am answered with, "me, too."

I know we all understand that we should not be pointing fingers at others, but that doesn't mean you point it at yourself. Let me clearly state that, if you continue reading, you will understand that I am not saying to ignore sin.

Have you created a standard that God doesn’t hold for you? If God doesn’t require it of you, then why are you disheartened that you cannot complete it?

I don't grind my own wheat to make my own bread. It's not sin if I do, but it's not sin if I don't. And if I require it of myself, (which I have tried in times past) I fall into a basket full of sin.

Pride (look what I do) and anger (let me do my work, and if I am begrudging, it surely isn't to the glory of God), just to get the ball rolling. Some ladies can do this, remain sweet, and not hate their kitchen. At least for now, it's not my bread making season. I have been guilty of establishing requirements that God never did. Letting these things go is like casting aside a weight.

I know I am not physically or mentally who I was even five years ago. And I LOVE DOING. Listening to my body (with the wisdom to know my body can be a big, whiny baby, and sometimes, I have to shush it) and the prompting of the Holy Spirit to continually reevaluate and readjust my new normals can be tough.

Now take heart. It doesn't have to be a downward decline. You can gain health, even as you age, just don't beat yourself up on the way if it takes time and effort and is a bumpy road. And if God takes something out of your life, BELIEVE He loves you. He does heal the broken-hearted.

Do the next step. Do what you can do. Only God knows the future of what you can do. When I ride my bike, I love being on top of a hill and seeing the view. Do you know that I cannot look to the top of a hill? It overwhelms me. It's too steep. It's too high. I can't do it. So I look at my wheel and take it pedal by pedal. I can't get up every hill, but I have climbed some big ol' hills. Are you facing a hill? Can you just do the next thing?

If you belong to Him, then finding the balance between hanging on and letting go is really a life-long process. We are designed and uniquely created with individual areas of intelligence. Our strength isn't all about your bench press weight. We all have strength in different areas, too. Slow and steady finishes the race.


  1. Donna

    Thanks, Michelle, I needed that… Your articles are so practical and often very timely for me!

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