Hannah Wove A “Little Coat” (1 Samuel 2:19)

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Hannah wove a “little coat”
Each year, for her sweet little boy,
And in the weaving solace found—
Great comfort and great joy.

And as she wove a prayer arose
Within her mother heart,
“O keep him safe and free from sin,
Though we are far apart

Dear Lord, I gave my son to Thee;
My will I now resign;
Oh, may the pattern of his life
Fulfill Thy great Design!”

Thus Hannah wisely prayed and wove
With faith and loving care,
Though sometimes in among the folds
A teardrop glistened there.


God heard her prayers! The story sweet
Has o’er and o’er been told,
And Oh, I know, God listens now
As in those days of old.

So let us weave our coats of love,
To keep our children warm,
With Wisdom, interlined with Faith,
To shield them from the storm

Of doubt and fear and loneliness
That may beset their way,
And as we weave, some tears will fall,
But let us ever pray,

“Dear Lord, I’ve given them to Thee;
My will I now resign;
Just let the pattern of their lives
Fulfill Thy great Design!”

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