Where Are You At?

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When it comes to diet, exercise and health, our emphasis should be on what is a healthy choice.  Often, we let emotions, propaganda (aka: advertising) and habit choose for us.

Here is a quick quiz to give yourself a glance into where you are in this quest.  Be honest.  Wherever you are, it is a starting point.

Give 1 point for not at all, 2 for occasionally, 3 for about half the time, 4 for most of the time and 5 for consistently.

1.   Am I Making an effort to peruse health?
2.  Do I daily make wise food choices?
3.  Do I consistently pay attention to my portion size?
4.  Do I eat small frequent meals?
5.  Do I avoid starving then overrating?
6.  Under times of stress do I choose well?
7.  In a time crunch am I prepared?
8.  Do I exercise daily?
9.  Do I exercise with intensity?
10. Is my exercise with duration at least 30 minutes?
11.  Are my food purchases planned ?
12.  Are my food purchases based on wisdom, not advertising?
13.  Are the goals for my figure based on health?
14.  Are my eating habits successful ?
15.  Am I within normal limits for weight?
16.  Do I have energy to complete what is required of me?

0-20 Major overhaul is needed!
21- 45 It’s time to apply myself to my health with more effort.
46-60 Choose key areas to emphasize and address.
61-75 I am attentive and just need to fine tune.


But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway. – The Apostle Paul

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