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When it comes to diet, exercise and health, our emphasis should be on what is a healthy choice.  Often, we let emotions, propaganda (aka: advertising) and habit choose for us.

Here is a quick quiz to give yourself a glance into where you are in this quest.  Be honest.  Wherever you are, it is a starting point.

Give 1 point for not at all, 2 for occasionally, 3 for about half the time, 4 for most of the time and 5 for consistently.

1.   Am I Making an effort to peruse health?
2.  Do I daily make wise food choices?
3.  Do I consistently pay attention to my portion size?
4.  Do I eat small frequent meals?
5.  Do I avoid starving then overrating?
6.  Under times of stress do I choose well?
7.  In a time crunch am I prepared?
8.  Do I exercise daily?
9.  Do I exercise with intensity?
10. Is my exercise with duration at least 30 minutes?
11.  Are my food purchases planned ?
12.  Are my food purchases based on wisdom, not advertising?
13.  Are the goals for my figure based on health?
14.  Are my eating habits successful ?
15.  Am I within normal limits for weight?
16.  Do I have energy to complete what is required of me?

0-20 Major overhaul is needed!
21- 45 It’s time to apply myself to my health with more effort.
46-60 Choose key areas to emphasize and address.
61-75 I am attentive and just need to fine tune.


But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway. – The Apostle Paul

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Dr. Michelle Zarrillo

Joyfully serving her Saviour in her blessed position of wife and mother, Dr. Michelle Zarrillo has a unique perspective on health related issues. As a working chiropractor and an avid reader, she has many opportunities to practice that which she learns. Educating her children at home and discovering their special needs has further challenged her to examine the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual realms of the human nature. Her passion for healthier living and her quest for the Creator’s ways of healing keep her pressing forward in search of truth.

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