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By Sue Gable

Wow, has the month of April and May just flown right by. The highlight for the Gable family was the marriage of our middle daughter Sarah to Justin Couch the last Friday in April. We prayed for months that it wouldn’t rain since the ceremony would take place on the shore of Schuylkill County’s Sweet Arrow Lake. God answered our prayers (only a few drops of drizzle on the way to the early morning decorating and rehearsal). We didn’t however pray about the temperature or the wind; it was quite cold and windy.

Since a unity candle wouldn’t likely stay lit outside even if the air was calmer, Sarah chose to use two vases of different colored sand to represent each of their lives. Both Justin’s Mom and I carried the vases of sand to a center table where later the bride and groom slowly poured them together into a larger vase. Shortly after setting their individual empty vases down, a strong wind gust came along and knocked the two now empty vases over and rolling off the table. A very alert best man caught them before they shattered on the flagstone!!!!! What a picture of leaving their past single lives, including their parents, and staying together in a new relationship. (Genesis 2:24) The rest of the wedding and reception went well. (You can see our Facebook page for more pictures.)

After a honeymoon in Arizona (Grand Canyon) the new couple is residing in Kent, Ohio, where Justin is the Youth Pastor at First Freedom Baptist Church in the neighboring town of Brimfield. The two youngest Gables visited last week, as well as the Lytle family stopping by for a few hours on their way to Indiana to visit Katie’s parents. Pastor Gable and I are planning a trip out there in early July. It’s a good thing both Justin and Sarah love to have people around!!!! I just realized the other day that with the addition of Robby, Conner (the two newest grandbabies) and Justin, the Gable family has now doubled from the House of the 7 Gables to 14 (three spouses and 4 grandchildren). What a wonderful blessing from God!!!!!

Speaking of blessings, Haven Baptist has been the recipient of many. Our Memorial Day services and picnic was great. We had 36 people in attendance (that’s with the 4 Lytles being in Indiana). An older lady, a couple from West Virginia, and a family of 5 visited for the first time on Sunday. The family of five is looking for a church FIRST before they decide to look for housing in our area. Some of our past visitors continue to be faithful attenders; please pray that they would make the decision to join our faithful remant here in Schuylkill County.

Gloria Deramo appears to be recovering well from having a liver stone removed. Lori Weand also continues to recover from an accident she had when a strong gust of wind blew her car door and hit her head and face. Continue to pray for my mother, Elaine Luckenbill, as she struugles with both physical and mental issues.

Our Faith Promise month went well. We knew we were losing a good giver in Sarah, however the Lord has moved in the hearts of several to step up and stand in the gap. We did experience a decrease in commitments, but not as much as we thought it might be. In all areas – piano playing, nursery, Sunday School and others – the people of Haven Baptist Church have stepped up to fill the gap left by Sarah’s departure, just the way that I believe the Lord would have it to be, AMEN!

Thank you for your faithful prayer support,

Sue for the Gables at HBC

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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