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By Sue Gable

Hi Ladies,

Is is with a grateful heart that I write to you all again this month.  The ladies from Haven Baptist Church want to sincerely thank the missionary ladies from LVBC for inviting us to join you for your G.I.P. fellowship and delicious luncheon.  We sure appreciated all the planning and hard work that was evident there last week.  To all you ladies that had a part in that event we sure are grateful.  Since I wasn’t involved with any of the planning I didn’t know what G.I.P. stood for,  I thought it might be “GOING IN PRAYER”- since the majority of you ladies can’t go on the mission field but certainly it is YOUR  prayers that are what brings God’s power to all of our prospective ministries.  Of course when faced with the question “Are you a G.I.P.?” my theory about the abbreviation wouldn’t make grammatical sense.  Even when asked 3 days before to speak for 2 minutes about someone who had an impact on my Chrisitan life, I still didn’t figure it out.  Are you a GODLY INFLUENTIAL PERSON???  It finally made sense when we arrived at LVBC and started hearing from your pastor’s wife and the other missionary wives.  It sure got me thinking.  Who am I influencing and how are they being influenced?  Wow, that’s something we all need to ponder.

I was able to tell about my spritual mentor, Debbie Kennedy, who led me & my very young family to LVBC thrity years ago this past month.  She not only instructed me in the Bible but also showed me how to put those principles into practice in my life.  She was one of the most hospitable Christian woman I have ever known – she was constanly opening her home to others and was  creative and diligent in the ways she served our Savior. The next time you are in the chapel look up front above the platform and read the verse that was painstakenly stenciled and hand painted in her home and has stayed a part of the chapel all through its transformation from being the original  church sanctuary to a chapel/fellowship hall and most recently EBA learning center.  When I watched Debbie turn that huge wooden board into a useful sign over a period of WEEKS I had no idea what would transpire in the next thirty years.  God blessed our family with 4 more children after the Kennedys moved south who would grow up and learn what Isaiah 45:22 was all about.

In less than a month our middle daughter Sarah will be getting married and will serve the Lord at First Freedom Baptist Church in Ohio beside her new husband Justin Couch, who is currenly the youth pastor there.  Our son Nathan and Alan Noecker will continue their Bible study with a promising young man, Austin,  who has expressed great thankfulness to the guys and wants to study MORE than just the 4 week basic study. Praise the Lord for a hungry heart for the Word of God.

We at HBC have much to be thankful for. We’ve seen the visitors we asked you all to pray for, and some are very faithful in their attendance, especially Heidi Ould who has a great burden for her family. Her daughter Caroline has come out some and even brought a visitor last Sunday.  We had our nursing home service that day as well where Ella Lytle and her parents sang one of the songs about Jonah. You know the one where the chorus states, “When God tells you what to do, you better do it, … it doesn’t pay to DISOBEY- that’s all that’s to it, or like Jonah you’ll find out the hard, hard way!”- talk about a 3 year olds influence,  she can get a much better response than us older foks!!!

By the time you read this Rachel should be back from participating in the student convention with the others from EBA.  She is very thankful to be able to take part in the events there, as well as looking forward to finishing her high school education at EBA, now that a very dear family has provided a place for her to stay a few nights a week for the school year.  Homeschooling all her life has been fine but we feel it will be beneficial for her to be with other Chrisitans next year. It’s getting pretty quiet around the Gable household as the resident numbers are shrinking.  One good thing though, in an effort to conserve gas, heat and electricity at the church, my husband has been doing the majority of his work from home each week, so I am not going to be all alone.

Thanks for your prayers for my husband’s health (high blood pressure and some slight chest pain) we should have the results of a stress test by the time you are reading this.  We’ve seen some improvement with diet, exercise and most of all PRAYER!!!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support — we don’t take them for granted!!!

Love in Christ,

Sue for the Gables and HBC

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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