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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,
I sure do have more than the ususal things to praise the Lord for this month.  A few days ago on my 53rd birthday I was blessed with a gift that no amount of money could ever buy.  My oldest daughter, Jennifer Poncavage, gave birth to a healthy five pound baby boy (3 weeks early).

This was after 8 months of  multiple prenatal visits, numerous ultrasounds, tests etc.  Jen’s pregnancy was treated as high risk because she developed preeclampsia with her first pregnancy. She started with some of the symptoms a few weeks ago – particularly the high blood pressure and  extra protein.  Many prayers were made for her during these months and last few weeks especially.  I believe that God directed the doctors to wait just long enough for a good birth weight and lung development but not too long for the worst of the preeclampsia  (or worse yet eclampsia) symptoms to set in.

From my limited knowledge and the research I did on the internet the best way I can describe the complication of preeclampsia is that the mothers with this condition react to the placenta of the baby as a person who has a severe allergy, which CAN become a very serious life-threatening condition from kidney and liver failure.  From everything I read the ONLY treatment is inducing labor or C-section birth.  God timed these series of events so that I would always remember the date of his miracle birth and we can share birthdays from now on.  I haven’t been able to be  all over him with hugs and kisses because of a bad cold but I did get to hold him for a few minutes in the hospital.  I plan to get some special time in after I get healthy.

Now for some other blessings to report,  two of our three newest visiting families to HBC sent their teens to Winter Camp.  Both Nicole McCabe and Austin Stump were able to hear great preaching from Bro. Marshall and enjoy fellowship with other teens.  Please pray for them – Nicole will likely be living in Fleetwood by the time you read this and her & her family will need to make a decision about where to attend church.  Of course I would love them to continue at HBC but understand it is a long drive – don’t know if LVBC would be closer. But we certainly want the Lord’s best for her and her parents.

As far as Austin is concerned prayer for him would be appreciated as he recently made a profession of faith and is currently atttending public school. He was very surprised to see the large amount of teens either in Christian school or homeschooled.  It’s so great to be around baby Christians, they just add so much enthusiasm to our church. Our third new family, the Ould’s, have been a blessing to get to know.  We pray that they will join with us soon.

Both my husband and I are celebrating 30 years of being saved this first week of  February.  God has been SO good to us over these years.  The first Sunday of February,1982, after hearing a Scripture-filled salvation message I quickly made my way from the second row in what is now the chapel of LVBC to the altar and my life was never the same.  I knew that I was a hellbound sinner for the first time in my life and I wasn’t going to waste any time letting  Jesus take care of my problem.  He allowed me to get right into attending services and starting that following Wednesday  I dug roots deep and didn’t ever turn back.  My husband got saved that night while waiting for me to return from church.  I truly believe for anyone reading this who is struggling with their Spiritual life that the key for me was to determine that I was going to be at church every possible time the doors were open.  The only times  I missed was a few days to have 5 children.  Never missed a camp, ladies retreat, couples retreat, etc. I can never hear enough Bible preaching and there is always something in my life that needs changing.

Beside LVBC being our church since the moment we were born again, we continue to have many things to be thankful to the members of this dear church for.  We are thankful to be sent to Schuylkill County to be your “uncompromising lighthouse” here.  We took our grandchildren to their small independent Baptist church in Mountain Top for midweek services last week. My husband spoke to and prayed with the pastor at length.  He has the same financial struggles that HBC has but with one MAJOR difference – he doesn’t have the financial backing and prayer support of a sending church.  Both he and his dear wife work approximately 40 hours a week to be able to make things work.  I feel so grateful to have a church and a missionary group each year that encourages our family AND our people at Haven.  My husband and I discussed our thankfulness for you all and thanked God for all you do for us.  Sometimes we take you all for granted but after last night we got a new vision of just how blesssed we are.

Thank you SO much,

Sue Gable for the Gable family and HBC

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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  1. Michelle Z

    And we are thankful for you and your family, too. I remember 18 years ago, you telling me to be in church any time the doors are open. Not missing what God has for us has been HUGE in our life too!

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