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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

Wow, this update is more like what hasn’t happened in these past last two months!!!  I guess I’ll start with one of  my go-to subjects of  late: the weather.

The earthquake of August 23rd brought (almost to the minute) with it our daughter’s engagement proposal. Sarah is now officially engaged to a great guy from Eastern Ohio – a youth pastor/juvenile detention guard – Justin Couch.  A very small outdoor wedding  at Sweet Arrow Lake is planned for late April.  As I am writing this Sarah is preparing for a day trip to Justin’s parent’s home in the Corning, NY area where she will meet up with Justin and  finally get her resized ring on her finger.

We had the Gossmeyer family in our church on Thursday of that same week.  After watching the weather they determined not to travel to the exact location where Hurricane Irene was scheduled to make landfall.  Instead they had quite an adventure staying with us.  We woke up Sunday morning with NO electricity for the next 40 hrs..  The Lord had awakened me at 3 AM ( 3 hrs prior to the outage) and I showered and made up 4 batches of homemade buttermilk pancake batter.  Now what do I do with all that batter and no stove to make them on?

God had the answer, cast iron pans on our outdoor gas grill!!!  It turned out rather well after I got the heat right.  Since a few other families were out of power as well, we canceled the morning services, however, we had seen a new visitor to Haven in the last 2 weeks, Russ and his teenage son Austin, the day before at the farmer’s market.  My husband decided he should make a trip down to the church in time for the normally scheduled worship service.  He was joined by our faithful member Daniel Poncavage who had the same idea – someone needed to be at the church in case somebody visited and visit they did.  Russ and Austin showed up and were given a private Bible study of sorts – a trip through the “Which Road?” tract.  What a blessing it was!!  The following Sunday, Russ’s wife Elizabeth was feeling well enough to join her family. She suffers from some sort of kidney disease I believe. Please pray for her and that we would see more of the family – they missed this past last Sunday.

Alan had invited a coworker of his, Nicole,  who came one Sunday and then brought her mother the next.  She desires that her Dad come as well .  They also missed last Sunday as well, BUT we had the pleasure of  having 3 of our fellow LVBC missionary’s young folks in services instead (Andrew and Hannah Castner and Jon Wilhite).  It was our usual potluck quarterly nursing home day and having the extra talents at our fingertips was a tremendous blessing.  Thanks for faithful parents instilling a servant’s heart in their children!  If any more of you want to send your young people up to Haven, we will be grateful for the encouragement.  Our own Ella and Kyla each sang a special at the nursing home.  Ella sang the entire chorus of “Count your Blessings” after Tim & Katie sang the verses –  nothing gets the attention of the residents like little children and an adorable young three year old really captured their hearts!!

Can’t forget to mention the flood as well.  We got our usual couple of inches in the church basement but the sump pump did its job, for the most part.  Living at one of the highest spots in the city of Pottsville was definitely a plus for our family as well.

September brings us two community wide outreaches, the first was back on the 10th in the town south of the church, Orwigsburg.  We were able to give out quite a large number of tracts, free bottles of water, and CDs. The following day my husband preached a great 9/11 message around the “In my seat” DVD.  Thanks, Selena, for posting it and the dear pilot brother who send us copies to show to our church family – FREE of cost.

We had the privilege of  hearing Pastor Smith with you two nights last week, one of  which we spent the beginning and the end of the evening preparing more CD’s for this Saturday’s even larger Schulykill Haven Boro Day, which draws 20-30,000 visitors each year.  Please pray for some contacts from these outreaches.

Thanks for allowing the Gable family to be ambassadors of the Lord in Schuylkill County.  We will NEVER take your prayer or financial support for granted!!

Your sister in Christ,

Sue Gable

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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