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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

This is the second time in a row that I am writing an update for this paper in which the weather is in the forefront of my thoughts –  Last time we had weeks of cold and rain and this time it’s been the heat and drought.  Finally some relief – a little rain has fallen today before I sat down to write.  Praise the Lord!!

Many things are happening in the Gable household (mostly positive) but I’m not able to share details at this time.  What I can share is the healthy grandson that the Lord gave us 9 wks ago.  Thank you to the many ladies who had a part in Jackie and Robby’s baby shower;  it was a great blessing to me and to the “younger” Gable family as well.

Nathan has one more year to go in college and just scheduled his classes, he should be able to change shifts at his job so that his sleeping and class time will not conflict (he is currently working 10PM- 6AM).

I believe I have the Lord’s direction  for Rachel’s 11th grade courses — we are going to attempt to jump the highest hurdle (2500 word paper) first this year instead of trying to cram it into the last days of the school year.

I don’t have much to report from HBC other than at our quarterly nursing home service – Dan Poncavage did a great job preaching.  Also that the Gable family was able to get away for a few days in June to Ohio.  My husband preached at Pastor Mick’s church, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sandusky for all the Sunday services.  Rod also preached for EBA’s graduation and taught for the last trimester of  Bible Institute.  The Lord used all these “extra” preaching and teaching endeavors to meet our financial needs “exceedingly above all that we could ask or think.”  The men from Haven rose to the occasion in our absense and did a great job preaching!!  Loretta Butts and Alan Noecker have been filling in on the piano lately as well.

We have had one new visitor at HBC the last two months – Marian.  She has been volunteering at the thrift store with me on Fridays since last December – I finally invited her out to church for our Memorial Day services and she has been faithful to Sunday night services whenever her health allows – she might read this so I won’t give you her age – suffice it to say that she sure doesn’t look her age.

This spring brought us new neighbors (Bill and Michelle) who have been watching us closely – they figured out that we were church going people and asked us if we did Bible studies — Wow!!!  We did the first study last week and pray that they will continue —  it sounded like they intended to come out to church but haven’t make it –YET!!!.

Please continue to pray for folks to come out to church and more to do Bible studies –  both Joe & Gloria, and Howard & Loretta, have recently completed 4 week studies with people – pray for Ginny as her 4 week study has turned into approx 8-10 weeks now.

Thank you ladies for your faithful prayers!

Still serving in Schuylkill County,

Sue for the Gable family and HBC

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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