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By Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

Wow, Praise the Lord!!!  I have awakened to the sun shining in my window this morning; a sight we haven’t seen in, I think it has been weeks!!!

While according to my local weather man this is the second wettest spring in my lifetime (3rd wettest in 100 years) it doesn’t mean that the SON can’t be shining brightly in your life in the midst of the drab and the deary.

I’ve had some struggles myself lately but hopefully I can share some of  what the Lord has recently taught me.

You’ve heard it said that the Christian life is NOT a “bed of roses”;  I see the truth in that statement in that when you are sharing Christ with someone who is lost and seemingly buried in troubles that getting saved will not immediately solve every problem they have– of course it is the largest step anyone can take toward that end. “With God all things ARE possible.” (Mark 10:27)

I want to take a few moments to tell you why I believe life IS “a bed of roses”.  While you have also heard you should “take time to smell the roses” and I can’t agree with that statement more what’s on my mind this morning is the thorns that come along with the roses.  With the wonderful roses come those annoying thorns,  you just can’t get away from that fact.   Let’s look at those thorns from two sides – the physical and then the spiritual.

You’re out  picking some beautiful roses to put on your table when you are attacked by a good size thorn that embeds itself  in your finger.  What do you do?  A wise person would carefully remove the thorn and treat the injury to avoid infection.  A wise person would try to learn from the situation and not repeat the same encounter on another day.

When we encounter spiritual thorns, things like unfufilled expectations, financial setbacks, self pity, questions like: Why am I the ONLY one who………………..(fill in the blank)?

Why do we let these thorns stick in our lives to repeatedly cause us pain and infection???  Why do we allow ourselves to be stuck by the same thorn day after day?  I guess it’s because we are sinful human beings but with God we can rise above these petty thorns.  Ask God to show you your thorns and have Him pull them out and treat them with His cleansing Word.  Dwell on the positive- those gorgeous roses in your life and learn from the thorns.

Now for a quick update on the roses in my life and my husband’s ministry at HBC.

By the time you are reading this I may be a proud grandmother of a new baby- my third grandchild- now that’s a real rose to rejoice in.   Easter and Mother’s Day were especially good this year for me — food, fellowship, flowers, and great reading material. Thank-you ladies’ misssionary groups for your part in that.

The Lord has brought a real gem -a genuine quality rose of a fellow into our  Sarah’s life- (check her facebook page &/or ask her about him)

Nathan has come through a serious accident without injury – he rolled his truck into a ditch to avoid hitting a car coming the other way along a dangerous curve on his way home from college. His truck is history but the EMT gave his ok for him to come home.

Things are going along fine at HBC.  In answer to your prayers we have had a repeat visitor the last two months or so.

We just finished our missions emphasis with the Faith Promise cards to be collected on Sunday.  We are also anticipating a great day of picnicking and fellowship to commemorate Memorial Day.

My husband has the privilege of preaching at this year’s Graduation service.  He also has one more Old Testament Survey class to teach.  He has had a great time doing that.  Part III will start up in the fall.

I need to complete this update and get with Rachel to get her school work finished and ready for her evaluation on  the 6th.  We still have her 2500 word paper to complete and could use your prayers toward that end.

Thanks so very much,

Sue Gable for all the Gables and HBC

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

You can read Rod & Sue’s story here.

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