Our Steps Are Permanent

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Our Steps Are Permanent

By: Nina R. Hall


Our steps are permanent.

Our actions cannot be undone.

They’re stamped in time’s concrete;

Sealed with evening’s setting sun.

What we’ve said and done today,

Follows us eternally.

Rewards are set in stone –

The book of yesterday complete:

The souls we’ve won;

The ones we’ve brought with us to glory,

Along with memories

Of times we failed to tell His Story;

A life of selfish pleasure,

Reflects a lack of consecration;

And will not result

In holy crowns of adoration.

This deep regret of steps we took

Of wasted years;

Will reap remorse,

A bended knee, and bitter tears.

Now is the time to build rewards,

To change; repent!

Beware – don’t throw your life away –

Our steps are permanent.


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