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By Sue Gable

Dearest Ladies,

I truly mean it, you ladies are SOOOOOO special and DEAR to my heart.  I just had a birthday and SO many of you sent me greetings that it would take me hours to write to all of you individually so I will use this opportunity to thank you all here for your kindness to me.  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.  I was home mostly alone all that day caring for a very sick husband.  It seems to me that our guys might have brought the flu-like illness home from the Men’s Charge as guys in our church who almost never get sick were down for DAYS.  I trust the Lord that by the time you are reading this update the illnesses will be a thing of the past.–  Certainly we have heard a lot of great things from the messages the men heard from Bro. Harper.

We over here are truly thankful to be invited to take part LVBC’s activities–  I feel like I write much of the same things time after time, but the truth is we are still dependent on LVBC for much of our extra church activities that we just couldn’t do ourselves.

Can’t forget being able to participate with your youth at Baptist Snow Camp- Rachel had a great time and Sarah and Nathan were both able to help out Pastor Mick in the daily activities involved in running the camp.  They were invited to go back to Ohio for a few days after camp was over.

Sarah Gable along with Sarah Davies had the opportunity to go down to sunny Texas to spend a few days with Mrs. Gayle Purks, they had a great time relaxing and getting recharged.

The Gable family stumbled upon a fun way to thank our folks at HBC for their faithfulness and service to our Lord this past year at Christmas.  Actually we somewhat copied what we heard you folks were doing only we made it a gift from the whole Gable family- we made and served a sit down, full course breakfast the day after Christmas.  We turned the back of our church into a miniature restaurant 🙂  We got compliments like; “Can we do this every Sunday??”  We asked, “Which family wants to do it next?”  We didn’t get any takers, but the “House of the Seven Gables” is willing and looking forward to doing it again at least next Christmas if not sooner.

Please continue to pray for more visitors to come to HBC.  We had a great week in January with 5 extra, wonderful folks visiting from Ohio and LVBC. We loved having them at the church and having the Griggs family in our home for a week but these folks are already members of two great churches.  We need some local souls to walk through our doors, get saved, and stay A LONG while.  If you could make that a serious matter of prayer we would be most grateful.

As I turn my thoughts to February and think of God’s great love for us I want to again express my love to all of you ladies who read this update.  You are the greatest. 🙂

Love in Christ,

Sue Gable

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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