Sue’s May Update

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From Sue Gable

Dear Ladies,

April has been an uplifting month for us at Haven Baptist Church. Along with the nice weather, we have finally have had some first time visitors. That is a direct answer to specific prayer! Thank you to the Lord and to those who prayed! We also are hoping to have a baptism in the coming month or so.

We have had a visitor join us the last 4 Sundays from Tampa, FL. Rob is working in Reading and had to leave his wife and ten kids behind. It seems that we have more computer work in PA than they have down in Florida. Since it is almost too far for Rob to drive back and forth twice on Sundays, our people have risen to the occasion and have had Rob into their homes for the day. Some of us had gotten away from this kind of fellowship (myself included) and we had to be shown once again that it is MORE than worth the work to open up your hearts and homes to someone in need. To most of you this may seem trivial but I see a resurge of the spirit we had when we first started the church. Satan has done much to discourage our little group over the last few years but I truly see the Lord working as we submit to Him. Sarah continues to do a good job leading the Ladies Bible study which has helped the unity as well.

May is our Missions Month emphasis. We are having one of the missionary couples in that we have supported since 2002—the Pluegers. Bro. Al will be with us on our Faith Promise Sunday, May 23rd.  Also Pastor Hammett is presenting the work in Botswana to us on May 20th.

The Gable family is heading down the homestretch with home-school and college finals coming up the next few weeks. If you could pray for Judy and Nathan, I am sure they would both appreciate it. Also Rachel needs to write a 10-page paper to complete her 9th grade requirements—which she barely has started. She is much like the rest of the family when it comes to writing—typical procrastinator! My husband used to have trouble writing as well but now that he writes 3 or 4 ten-twelve page messages every week, writing is coming along much better for him. He has preached some really good messages lately—if I say so myself! He just started a series on Proverbs during our Thursday night service. Come over some Thursday night and hear from this greatly informative book of the Bible. You may get as much of a blessing as we have gotten! Hope to see you sometime.

Your sister in Christ,

Sue Gable

Sue Gable

Sue and her husband, Rod, are church-planters in nearby Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter who lives with them at home, four married children, and six grandchildren.

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