Where Then Is My Treasure?

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Where Then Is My Treasure?
By Jennifer Byerly

Do I fondly think of others,
more than I do Christ Above?

Do I spend time with another,
is there more than Christ I love?

Where then is my treasure,
where then is my heart?

Do I care more for pleasure,
do I refuse to depart?

Have I placed a name, a person,
a place or idea above the LORD?

Do I seek daily to be examined
by the light of God’s Holy Word?

What then is my treasure,
where then is my heart?

God will supply all our needs
if we daily His Kingdom seek,

God will give us all things
if we will be yielded and meek.

Our treasure is not of this World,
Our treasure is set above,

It comes down from the Father of Lights,
who leads us in Love.

Our affections, our mind, our will
must be focused on the Father,

He is the one who leads us and keeps us
and guides us to go farther.

What then is my treasure,
where then is my heart?

The things above must be my treasure,
Christ must reign in my heart!


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