For One Step More

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Psalm 9:10 – “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”

For One Step More
By Nina Rose Hall

The Lord has oft commanded us
to give abundantly,

For it is not our own to have;
yet we hoard it selfishly.

It seems my little sacrifice,
God really wouldn’t need;

But looking at the harvest field,
we see there’s much to reap.

And that is when our faith begins;
and this self-willed life must end;

Our God has promised to provide,
if our knees in prayer shall bend.

In those times of fear,
when giving may not come with ease;

Look up to see the smile of God,
and know that He is pleased.

Living here by Faith
is something taken step by step;

Once you’ve learned to trust in God,
each step you won’t regret.

And then each time He asks for more
than you have ever done before,

The choice is yours to stay the same
or trust your God for one step more.


Nina Gaus

Nina came to know the Lord as a teenager, and is grateful for the Lord’s grace and mercy in her life as she has sought to grow in her relationship with Christ through the years.

She and her husband currently attend Lehigh Valley Baptist Church and enjoy being a part of the ministries there. Along with being a wife and homemaker, she is thrilled to be able to teach music lessons to a number of piano students in the area. Poetry and meditational or motivational writings based on scripture have also remained one of her passions through the years!

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