The Great Litchi Harvest

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From Kristin Hammett

Care for some fresh picked litchis? Or lychee, laichi, lichu – depending on where you’re from.  For us, it’s the taste of summer! We are blessed this term to have our very own gigantic, shady, litchi tree in our backyard. Our bountiful crop was ready to enjoy at Christmas time!

Litchis have the consistency of a grape, with a taste that is unlike anything else. We love them! The kids love just picking litchis off the tree to eat. We’ve given bags and bags away. We’ve eaten bags and bags ourselves. Even Cocoa, the dog, has eaten her share. Somehow she takes the shell off, eats the white flesh, and then drops the pit back out! Sam figured out that it takes 64 litchis for about 10 oz of juice. 🙂 We may even experiment with litchi sorbet.

Here are some pictures from our harvest time! We have tons left, so come on over….

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